DJ Virato
NL Heemskerk – Future Bass / House / Bass Music / Retro Future Sound / Urban
DJ Virato


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His name is Viggo Smit (15 years old).

He is from Heemskerk (The Netherlands) and his stage name is Dj Virato.

How he started as a DJ

From an early age, Dj Virato already knew that he had a great passion for music. Dj Virato started as a DJ when he was 7 years old when he started mixing music on his laptop. Soon he wanted to get more out of DJing. He then took keyboard and DJ lessons at the music school in Heemskerk. DJ Virato has been doing this for 6 years. In that time, DJ Virato has worked its way up in the North Holland region as an upcoming talent in the DJ scene.

DJ and Producer

In the years that followed, Dj Virato also focused on producing his own music. Before that he took producer lessons for 2 years at the music school and DJ School Amsterdam, where he developed into Producer of EDM, Bass House and Deep House music.
DJ Virato likes to play modern music in combination with various other genres! A good variety of old and new music in which young and old both recognize themselves. His genres that he likes to spin are: Bass House, G House, Deep House, Future House, Moombahton, Urban, Party music and much more…. DJ Virato is known as an all-round DJ and he can play any music style.

Experiences as a DJ and Producer

1. DJ Contest Mixtream won! (5/18/2019)
2. Number of times played in Podium 104 for large events!
3. DJ Contest Millingen aan de Rijn won! (2/2/2019)
4. The largest introduction week in Europe, namely Keiweek for 10,000 people! (17-8-2018)
5. Mixtream festival played! (25-8-2019)
6. Private DJ and Producer course given!
7. DJ and Producer workshops given!
8. Own Chamber of Commerce number