Live Act Latin Rock
Vigogabelah - Latin Rock Live Act in Monterrey

Vigogabelah Short Info

"I was wondering which part of the Atlantic ocean shoreline Vigogabelah didn’t take in as an influence. Caribbean, Latino, Rock and African rhythms all meld in to the shifting landscape. This is like a smartly poured cocktail, blends of flavours don’t fight each other, rather sink down the throat whilst weaving it’s magic and so the listener is lulled in to the space. Good times beckon, with a hint of the darker shadows and it is this undertone that lifts the whole piece."

Tim Whale -

Discography Vigogabelah

  • 2011 Vigogabelah EP EP | Independent


  • Video VIGOGABELAH - La Muerte de ...
  • Sound Climbing the Guava Tree
  • Sound Tropicana (Demo)
  • Video Vigogabelah - Climbing the ...


  • Monterrey MX


  • 2011


  • Vicko Guitar & Vocals
  • Marcel Bass & Vocals
  • Noé Keyboards & Vocals
  • Manolete Percussions
  • Gil Drums

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