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Fab D Brand - Drums: Fab D Brand started his musical journey by playing accordion when he was 11 years old.

But drums stole his heart and at the age of 13 he started music education in Schaarbeek, Belgium. He founded his first Rock and Roll band at the age of 16. They were called The Blue Jacket.
Meanwhile he finished his professional education in a music academy in Edingen/Enghien and enrolled in the Tournai conservatory.
He played and is still playing in lots of bands, together with various musicians, making him very popular in the Brussels music scene.
A few references: Charlie Maker (Kleptomania), Armand Massaux, John Valk and Roland Kert (Wallace Connection), Lucy in the Sky.
Concerts: Botanique, Couleur Café, les Francofolies de Spa,…

Steve Hi - Guitar
Steve Hi started playing guitar at the age of 15. He wrote a few songs with fellow musicians.
3 years later, at the age of 18, he took his first steps on stage.
A few references: The Missing Links (support act De Kreuners during a concert in the 90’s), Channel Zero (debut album Shark Records in Brussels), Cloon (some of them now play with Les Truttes and Bulls on Parade- Europe’s No. 1 Rage Against The Machine Tribute Band), Stone Age Queens, Lucy in the Sky,…

Rudy Rodolphe - Bass
Rudy Rodolphe has been playing bass for all his life. He truly is a Jack-of-all-trades and masters several genres. He started out playing blues with some American artists with whom he worked for many years and with some big-name artists from Antwerp. He founded his own funk and soul bands and is still playing classic Rock 70's and 80's in a local band from Bruges.

Caroline Clement - Vocals, dance
Caroline Clement is a well known Belgian (pole) dancer/instructor, burlesque/fire/gogo dancer. She offers shows, classes and workshops throughout the country and sometimes near abroad. She appeared on Belgian television several times: TMF, Vitaya, VTM, VRT, Code 37 (movie),…
As a teenager she studied music theory and took singing lessons for several years in the music academy in her hometown Geraardsbergen (Grammont). Later she took her first steps in showbizz as a dancer for dance academy Move’s show group The Groovies, which was founded and is still run by former Michael Jackson impersonator Patrick de Coninck. Later she recorded vocals for some artists such as Pat Krimson (2 Fabiola, Nunca,…) Oliver Adams (Praga Khan), Fred Vandermast (Poco Loco Gang),… In 1998 she released her first solo single, which she co-wrote herself together with the well-known Tsjech producer Stano Simor. Tamira Jay was her alter ego. “Get Up” made it to number 8 in Belgian Ultra Top and even rocketed to no. 1 in the Spanish charts.
Since 2010 she choreographes and performs with the Pitaboys. “Waar is da feestje” became a massive hit which still lingers up till now.
In 2016 she joined Electro meets Rock coverband The Xperience as a singer, spicing up the concept by adding dance and fire acts, skills she required from her career as an entertainer in nightlife.