Live Act Trip-Hop Pop Melodic Psychedelic
Vâlvâ - Trip-Hop Pop Melodic Psychedelic Live Act in Ringsted

Vâlvâ Short Info

Vâlvâ is a new nordic trip-hop name from Denmark.
Vera Sianna creates the frames around Vâlvâ's universe with her beautiful and unique voice which moves from dreamy melodies to a powerful force of life lust through psychedelic guitars and thundering drums. Vâlvâ sees the world through a young woman's eyes and process the impressions with songs full of emotion. Vâlvâ creates an organic musical experience which always has one goal: to relate to our emotions and tell a story.

Past Gigs Vâlvâ

  • 04 | 2016 Aarhus SPOT festival


  • Sound Ocean's Daughter


  • Ringsted DK


  • 2016


  • Vera Sianna vocal
  • Silas Flensted Bass
  • Jacob koefoed Drums
  • Mads P. Graves Keys
  • Marc Facchini Guitar