Vali 'SirBlues' Racila
RO Sighisoara – Blues / Blues / Acoustic / Cover / folk-blues
Vali 'SirBlues' Racila


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An actor for 22 years, Vali Racila is a musician, psychologist, arts and drama therapist working in neuropsychiatry centres in Bacau County, Romania with residents whose disabilities range from severe psychiatric problems, severe physical disability to learning disabilities and mild social problems.  Vali’s job is to help develop and express individual potential, group co-operation, interaction, and self-advocacy for adults with special needs.

Started playing guitar as a schoolboy in Vatra Dornei (the North-East region of Romania a.k.a. Bucovina). Then together with Fane (former “SirBlues” band mate, Stefan Adumitroaie), started playing for friends almost everywhere, including the Romanian beaches of the Black Sea.
“SirBlues” was initially a way to say hello. Later, it turned out that “SirBlues” became the name of an acoustic Blues band. The word itself comes from the Latin “Servus” (I am your servant) that had changed to, sort of… “Serving the Blues”! You can take it as “I'm serving The Blues” or even better “I'm serving you through the Blues”.

No public appearance until 1995 as the communist regime banned singing and playing English or American music.

“With a little help from my friends”... toured Austria and Belgium between 1998 and 2003, playing festivals, club gigs and at the same time visiting and playing at day centres or other places for special needs people. Unfortunately, on May 11, 2000, Stefan “SirBlues” Adumitroaie passed away.
Then another dear friend and band mate, Laurentiu Stoian “Lawrence of the Blues Harp”, a wonderful musician was lost causing him to start a solo career.
“Dealing with the Blues”, a third Belgium tour in March 2003, together with Belgium musicians Peter Werbeqmoes and Jan Blieck who joined for the “Belgium SirBlues” band, followed in 2007 by a Romanian tour.

Solo or with friends, down-home in Romania, Austria, Belgium or elsewhere, the two resonator guitars, 'Gabrielle' (a Dobro guitar), ‘Esop’ (a metal body resonator guitar), ‘Chris’ (a Chinese handmade acoustic guitar) and ‘Robert Johnson’ (a small, very old German guitar, about 110 years old) provide the music that gotta be acoustic.

Consequently, it is always Old Traditional Acoustic Blues...