Us Amongst The Rest

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Us Amongst The Rest - Rock Hard Rock Live Act in York

Us Amongst The Rest Short Info

An alliance forged through years of gigs and rival bands, Us Amongst the Rest are a brotherhood of Rock emerging from York.

Since forming in 2013, Us Amongst The Rest have held nothing back. Channeling their collective psyche to deliver a raw, monomaniacal and soulful take on melodic hard-rock, their suitably explosive, yet gorgeous debut effort marks a new beginning for danger and beauty combined.

With the successful release of their debut album “Follow The Truth” in September 2014, Us Amongst The Rest will be touring the UK in 2015.


  • Sound 10. Unforgettable
  • Sound 5. Blood In Me
  • Sound 2. Fields Of Fray


  • York GB


  • 2013