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EUROPE TOUR - 2018-10-08 TO 2018-12-17 “Tonight we’ll get insane!

Are you ready to play?”
Insane - Up n’ Go

Let’s Lift Off

Ground control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, engines on, check ignition, and may God's love be with you. This is a little bit of a song called Space Oddity and was released by David Bowie, in 1972. This song talks about an astronaut in orbit, being called to attend to the ground control, where they await futile news about his journey. Alone, floating in the space around your spaceship, he makes some comments about the blue earth, asks the ground control to send a love message to his wife, and turns off the contact. For Up n ' Go this is the meaning of its entire musical journey: freedom to write and play its own songs, to use its own clothes, to express its own feelings.

Believing in themselves is the great pillar that supports the members of UP N' GO as a united and unique band. Luccas, Romeo, Gabriel, Paddys and Phill live together, talk to each other all the time, fight sometimes, they are accomplices to their own mistakes, and together correct themselves day after day. They believe in themselves. But most of all, they're a real brotherhood. They're what their songs are, and their songs have the freedom to be spread across the space. A spaceship full of talent, of dreams, of hope, but, above all, a spaceship overflowing hard work and much love for what they do.

Let's talk a little bit about the process of creating a song. And talking a lot is even difficult, because the process is so natural, that the guys sometimes get scared for the most part. They simply gather around an idea, discuss a little about the will of each, particulars, life, some chords, some riffs, and the song soon arrives. Frantically naked and raw. Rough diamond to be polished. Then, they just send the draft to the Medisen Studios' producers, Pedro Peixoto and Adriano Aquino and that’s when the magic happens. And to top it off, the guys still solve master with Joe LaPorta from Sterling Sound. You can imagine what happened to every song, right?

Imagine how they were excited to listen to their own music ready, vibrant, pulsating, ready to be played to the world. Especially if it is the first accomplished with a top production, and also mastered in a country that you even imagined could go some day of your life. Yes, everyone may think this was very good, but I say to you that it was good but it was, above all, a great responsibility. What? What are you talking about? Yes! If the rehearsing was already hard, how would they do to reedit the sound that these masters of production, mixing and mastering have imposed on the band? Response from the whole fucking managers: more time of dedication and work! Simple as that!

These are just little things that I can say about the band. Believe in yourself should be a simple rule to be faced in your life. Face the hard day, work hard, and even then turn feelings into songs that can encourage the next in a profound and positive way. Reaping the fruits of this time dedicated unconditionally is the greatest reward. At the end of the game, I think that the freedom to be yourself is the secret to lift off. Up n’Go.

Boring Bio

Phill is our drummer. He comes from hardcore, hip-hop, trap music background. We like to joke about his hands being heavy as a hammer.

In 2013 Phill invited Luccas to be a part of this project. He saw a video of Luccas singing and got in touch with him. Who could imagine that a guy from a small little town could have many follower in his social media, singing songs? He started singing as a kid in his aunts choir. He got his singing style listening to the great vocalists, like Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and so many others. And he also write all of our songs.

And Phill also invited our guitarist, Romeo, who is a very centered guy. His influences come from pop, rock and roll, Soul and funk music.

Funny thing is that Romeo had been friends with our bass player ever since they were kids. He invited Gabriel to this project and he immediately said yes. He came from rock and jazz but ended up getting great at pop music as well. He’s very perfectionist and dedicated.

And last but not least, we have Paddys, our keyboard player. He got into the project from nowhere. We were introduced to him because of a job he had done for us in studio.

And ever since, the band has been working hard doing shows, rehearsals every day.

Up N' Go has five different stories but has the same five dreams, and for that to happen we stay in studio rehearsing, practicing, writing and creating everyday all day long. We have to manage to make shows in the middle of all our routines as well, but when we get together it’s like magic. The easiness we have on creating music is so impressive. It’s like we get there with a lyric and melody and all of a sudden we have a music and happens the other way around too. One of the guys come with an idea and we turn it into a song.

All of us five have the same dream. Tour all over the world and live the dream at its fullest .

We’re coming for you guys.

See ya!