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Live Act Hip Hop Rap Experimental Chill Trap
Ty Mack - Hip Hop Rap Experimental Chill Trap Live Act in Bridgeport

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Hailing from the Tri-State area, Up and coming artist Ty Mack has stepped into the music realm in a major way. With his latest effort #The Warm, he shows that he has a major grasp of music creativity and adaptability. Between intricate beat selections and complementary flows, Mack shows that he has a real bright future within the music scenery. As a member of the widely popular collective DertGang, Mack looks to reach success and popularity on his own.
For free streaming be sure to go to https://tymack.bandcamp.com To follow up on all of the latest projects and events, you can check out his newest blog TytotheMack.tumblr.com.

Discography Ty Mack

  • 2015 The Warm *Chopped & Screwed* Edition EP |
  • 2014 The Warm EP |


  • Sound TyToTheMack - The Warm - 08...
  • Sound TyToTheMack - The Warm - 03...
  • Sound TyToTheMack - The Warm - 02...
  • Sound The Warm *Chopped & Screwed...

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