Tüte Süß
DE Berlin – Vocal / Vocal / Liveact / Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic Pop
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Tüte Süß spielt Sugarpop.

Der ist fröhlich, rotzig, voller Liebe, explosiv und bissig.
Sugarpop ist akustische Popmusik - rotierend zwischen Jazz, Punk und Chanson - mit deutschen Texten.

Zwischen Gitarre - Kai Bohun, Kontrabass - Jo Dette und Satzgesang,
wirbelt Sängerin, Texterin und Komponistin Dörte Müller über die Bühne.

Dabei bespielt sie ihren Körper als Rhythmusinstrument und erzählt mit ihren Liedern aus ihrem Leben.
Von Liebe, Schmerz, Sex und der Polarität des Lebens.

Barfuß tanzend, umgeben von bunten Pappschildern, gefesselten Barbies und
Edgar, dem Skelett, lässt Dörte Müller ihrer Lebensfreude freien Lauf.

Tüte Süß plays Sugar Pop - swinging acoustic pop with german lyrics.

Sugar Pop is not just a new style, but rather an in-your-face attitude that is unexpectedly ambivalent, joyful, cheeky, loving, biting, delightful and mean - all at the same time.

Sugar Pop takes you to the world of Dörte Müller, the head and singer of the band, where she'll tell you true stories of her experiences.
Expect to be touched internally - deep inside - where there is plenty of pleasure and sorrow.

Tüte Süß also features Nathalia on stage, the man-eating Slut with an interesting biography.
Then you will meet Edgar, the always smiling skeletton, who's connection to Schörte is everlasting.
Last but not least you will see Miezekatze the cat purring her way into the hearts of the audience.
Be prepared for a line-up of gloriously dazzling misfits.

Dörte Müller bellows, warbles and squeaks. Her body twitches, jumps and swings.
She radiates her boundless lust for life and says what it is all about:
"Look on the side of life where love lays. Love is the way of life that reaches all facets, and you can understand it as a great gift and the highest power - even when it feels painful sometimes."

Tüte Süß is an explosive live band with a performance beyond words.
You have to see, hear and taste it for yourself!