Tropisches Tier

Live Act Psychedelic Rock Post-Punk
Tropisches Tier - Psychedelic Rock Post-Punk Live Act in London

Tropisches Tier Short Info

In 2013, codeine fuelled Tropisches Tier, found an old gas factory in the middle of London by mistake. Not long after, all the interiors turned black and the opiated guitars started to emerge behind a simple kick, like early bleep techno just honest and deep.

What sounded at first like stray images of passing paranoia, came together to create the picture of an unstable but rather sweet sound torn by schizophrenia.

Past Gigs Tropisches Tier

  • 02 | 2016 229 Dead or Alive


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  • London GB


  • 2013


  • Abraham Judas Lead Guitar
  • Rodax Diaz Bass and Synths
  • Benjamin Brunet Drums
  • Ricardo Feuchter Vocals and Guitar

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