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IKONIC Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Doorway to the 2nd Sun Album 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Transcendental Meditation Album 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Live at the Thornbury Theater EP 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Ninth Gate EP 2013
Dynamik Records (UK)
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Navigators Album 2015
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Press Text
Transference is a new modern day Psychedelic incarnation that features a core musical unit and features guest vocalists from all around the world.

To put it simply Transference takes a musical fusion of Pink Floyd meets Tangerine Dream approach to the song writing and production style and delivers it with the pomp and ceremony of a Rick Wakeman theatrical spectacular.

Presenting "Transference" a journey into the unknown and with no two performances the same, the level of unpredictability of the players and their collective presentation of the music to the audience is always a welcome surprise. Like transcendental meditation, the music performed is a transition between two worlds. Simply broken down, "Our Reality" and the "Alternate Reality" that we all visit in our nightly dream state. Dare to dream, dare to cast off the shackles of conformity, rise above mediocrity and embrace your inner divinity to raise your conscious vibration and heal yourselves.. these are some of the premises visited during a Transference" healing experience.

Including bubble machines, strobe lighting and back projection, "Transference" creates the total visual experience. Coupled with our latest 3D animated video projection produced by Ben Wheatley, the band intends to raise performance art to a whole new level. Imagine a giant red ant savaging the remnants of Stonehenge and then being beamed into space to forever orbit the surrounding planets of our solar system.

Sound is paramount and no expense has been spared to present the best possible sonic balance to the ears of our listeners. Lighting and visual effects are tantamount to the performance and catapult the listener into the unknown and that makes the concept exciting and uniquely different. Soundscapes of pure indulgence mixed with more structured musical escapades combine to create a live theatrical experience like no other.

The video concepts are designed around presenting a psychedelic experience similar to that of “Pink Floyd” and feature dynamic artistry, stop motion animation and other dynamic conceptual approached to really help the band stand out and “rise above the noise”. With tracks like Transference, Eloquence and Winged Serpent already enjoying good You Tube coverage of over 192,000 views and amassing over 2,200 Facebook LIKES in excess of 8,000+ 2400 Twitter followers and the Jango radio page has been slowly building a strong fan base of over 1400+ the band are set to take their unique brand of iconic music to new heights and healing vibration.

We plan to tour across Sth America, Mexico, India and Europe in 2016 with many dates at healing and health and wellness centers being scheduled. For more info please visit our website?