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South City Records
77eb7c17cafe55034b7885c3303c3064a0119fe2 Panther (Bootleggers United Remix) Single 2018
Fcfccc90dad19a350546a610480b807fc68d6976 Start the Fire (WBBL Remix) Single 2018
Bdb880c3c9a504bced8d8e0a2b3e793c24a9520c God Save The T's Single 2017
1e5db3cbeae0a0dccf531d962da7c530ca34c9c5 God Save the T's Single 2017
1e5db3cbeae0a0dccf531d962da7c530ca34c9c5 Hang Tight Single 2017
1e5db3cbeae0a0dccf531d962da7c530ca34c9c5 Patterns Single 2017
1e5db3cbeae0a0dccf531d962da7c530ca34c9c5 South City Court Single 2017
1e5db3cbeae0a0dccf531d962da7c530ca34c9c5 Panther Single 2017
1e5db3cbeae0a0dccf531d962da7c530ca34c9c5 South City Album 2017
Drop Cat Records
7c1569b69daac746006a48183ec9a13a573bfc00 Running Wild - EP Single 2014
93b666b933f665e3131cfe9f78beb4bcc23b3ffd The T.P. Single 2013
Sunday Best Recordings
Fb47a5c06d95dddc37906e79b010e432043dccca Crazy Diamonds Single 2017
Guise Records
A6e773b940af7368eba061dfc0fcada8b4ff1839 Better Than / Tougher Than Single 2017
Sunday Best
15b142a394b6cdb45d7332680e1f7c1faf11480f Crazy Diamonds (The Remixes) Single 2017
This Is Now
Adam Gainsborough
Leon Smith
Interstellar Publishing
Andy Robinson
Press Text
Party hip-hop duo Too Many T's draw lyrical inspiration from the golden era of hip-hop and pair it with a more modern approach to production.

Ross Standaloft and Leon Rhymes started working together in 2012 with their joint love of hip-hop, specifically pre-gangster era, and their individual talents gave them an instant rapport. Their dedication to live shows and festival appearances caught the attention of the public and the T’s have become known for their unique high-energy live show that has seen them share the stage with a number of their inspirations from De La Soul, Public Enemy, Snoop Dogg & Big Daddy Kane. The T’s bring an unforgettable party to every stage they play.

2017 saw the release of their debut full-length, South City - which featured productions from Flux Pavilion and long-time collaborator Odjbox - an album of consummate skill and emotional depth that has amassed over 5 million online streams and video views. “South City will dazzle you with the skill of T’s flows, astonish you with the width of their lyrics and get your booty shaking with the infectious future-bass production. Your brain will think it’s listening to classic, golden-era hip hop, but your arse will know it’s dancing to a formula that’s been updated” (Eddy Temple-Morris)

2018 saw the T’s tour extensively in Europe, with 35 shows in France alongside appearances in Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Czech Republic. 2019 started with a 3-month tour across Australia and Asia – a tour and weekly documentary called ‘Rap Year’. 2019 will also see the release of a brand new record and more high-quality videos that the T’s have become known for.