Too Many Poets

Live Act Grunge Noise Rock Post-Punk Gothic Garage Rock
Too Many Poets - Grunge Noise Rock Post-Punk Gothic Garage Rock Live Act in Oxford

Too Many Poets Short Info

Too Many Poets are menacing. Their music evokes a sense of compelling unease, with lyrics that frequently twist the macabre into infectious hooks, sung in a voice that can slink between an imposing Jim Morrison baritone to a devastating and desperate punk howl. The band's twin guitars bleed atmosphere, punctuated with artful stabs of powerful yet melodic interplay. The rhythm section hits as one unit, poised and powerful. Their gothic tinged art rock is ripe with emotion, poeticism and the visceral power of a band moving as one.

Past Gigs Too Many Poets

  • 11 | 2015 Oxford Oxford City Festival
  • 09 | 2015 Oxford Supporting Autobahn
  • 07 | 2015 Oxford Truck Festival

Discography Too Many Poets

  • 2016 Relying On Reflections EP | Elevant
  • 2015 The Worst Intention Single |
  • 2015 Straight From Her Eyes Single |


  • Sound iMobile
  • Sound The Worst Intention
  • Sound Trip Hazard
  • Sound Giggles and Teeth
  • Video Too Many Poets // The Worst...


  • Oxford GB


  • Robbie Proudlove Guitar
  • Michael Spillane Guitar
  • Pog Sings
  • Joe Proudlove Bass
  • Callum Marinho Drums

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