Live Act Electro-Experimental Jungle Rock Electro Melodic
Tiću - Electro-Experimental Jungle Rock Electro Melodic Live Act in Belgrade

Tiću Short Info

Tiću is duo from Belgrade formed in 2010. Great influence on the duo’s musical development is collaboration with contemporary circus troupe Cirkusfera, combining live various music styles with circus act.
Name “Tiću” (Belgrade slang for “Hush”) justifies the instrumental form without the vocals whose frequencies often supplement by guest violin.
Experimenting on the technical setup of drums and bass has led them to some interesting results: one part acoustic, one part electronic drum, and combination of pure and synthesized bass.

Past Gigs Tiću

  • 08 | 2015 Zagreb Cirkobalkana festival
  • 07 | 2013 Pula Life Celebration festival


  • Media Jazzy Shadow


  • Belgrade RS


  • 2010


  • Antun Gverović acoustic-electronic drums and electro percussion
  • Filip Jevtić bass guitar and Kaos