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Fedorova Vietinghoff, Live @ KKC

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MAKE PIANO GRAND AGAIN  Pianist/composer/improviser of Armenian descent, born in the Soviet Union, raised in Russia, influenced by American and British alternative rock and indie, and French and German electronic music.

All that led to approach some people feel as post-rock and minimal techno and what mass media calls minimalism and neoclassics. Сontinuity in rhythm, dynamics, duration and dramaturgy lulls the audience into submission.

Besides his solo career, Araik v. Vietinghoff-Scheel is an active participant of free improvisation scene in Russia and Georgia, a pianist to a few bands and trans-continental improvised-music collaborations. He works with both well-tuned and substandard instruments valuing the latter as unique and "site-specific".

“One composer said that, unlike writers who face a blank page at the very beginning of their work, composers deal with a page black with notes ever written. A composer's duty is to clean that page and leave only notes of one's new music.
My goal is to leave notes that would balance between academic and popular music traditions.
In the twentieth century, starting from WWI, the human kind got disappointed in the Idea of Progress, so the art turned to uncomfortable, terrorizing shapes, and only progressed in that direction after WWII. At the same time, popular music arose to comfort the human being; so the art divided into two opposite states. In this regard, we have got academic music still interesting intellectually and touching, though we can't remember and sing its pieces (it has gone that far from human comprehension), and popular music that continuously repeats itself, which pieces get dated within the next few weeks. I want my pieces to be recognizable, I want people to sing my melodies, at least some of them. And yet, I stay away from what I myself would call stupid music. Because simple does not mean stupid.”