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Music is not just a sound, it is a feeling. It resonates your soul and brings you to life. Music can alter your mood and open up your emotions. It connects people and communicates many things. When you let go of thought, fear and self-consciousness and immerse yourself in vibration and energy then great things happen. This is what The Move:ment are all about - creating music that has feeling and meaning. Enjoy.

Past Gigs themove:ment

  • 12 | 2014 Stereo, Glasgow WTNP
  • 11 | 2014 Record Factory This Feeling
  • 08 | 2014 King Tuts
  • 05 | 2014 Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

Discography themove:ment

  • 2015 escape these walls EP |


  • Sound Stop The Backwards
  • Sound Daylight
  • Sound More Than You Know
  • Sound Sub-D
  • Video the movement - FNLC King Tuts
  • Video the movement - Stop The Bac...

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  • Glasgow GB


  • 2007


  • Gary Foley guitar/vocals
  • Mark Maccormack Lead vocal
  • Scott Harrower Drums
  • Grant MacKenzie Guitar/synths
  • Craig Forrester Bass

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