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Guto Gutnic
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Guto Gutnic
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With a fresh atmosphere that brings back elements from old Soul and R&B, Guto Gutnic is the kind of artist that aims for the inside.

Through some conversational and nostalgic lyrics combined with soulful melodies and rich harmonies, he sets the tone and make us feel like missing something from our past that we don't quite know yet. A long journey after featuring on the season 5 of The Voice of Ireland and finishing on the quarterfinals as the drag persona Emmie Reek, Guto finally gets to the best of his mellow and bluesy vocals. The brazilian singer-songwriter uses his vulnerability and melancholic colors to showcase his innate talent to sing love, life and sex.

Guto was born in a countryside town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1988, child of two English teachers. During his childhood, gained some music knowledge that would follow him throughout his life. When he was 8, he wrote his first song. He started playing keyboard and singing in the church at the age of 14, people would gather around to listen to his distinctive voice. Also in the church he got his first official job singing and playing on the Mass four times a week. Having graduated in Physical Education and working as a teacher, Guto played in several contests for songwriters, won the main prize 3 times and won the prize "Best Singer" 8 times out of 9 times he joined. He then went on to sing in bars, pubs and events around Rio. In 2014, Guto moved to Dublin, Ireland, where he would see his life shift to an unexpected place. In 2015 he auditioned for the fifth series of The Voice of Ireland dressed as Emmie Reek, a drag queen character he created just for fun. After turning the four chairs and choosing Una Healy as his mentor, he went on to finish among the Top 12 of the competition, getting sent home on the quarterfinals, two weeks before the final. His taking part of the show had a worldwide repercussion as the first drag queen ever to take part in The Voice of Ireland and only the 3rd worldwide, also the drag queen who made it to the furthest stage in a The Voice franchise. Emmie Reek's audition has already surpassed the 400,000 mark on YouTube. In 2016, also as Emmie, Guto applied for the 13th season of The X Factor UK and auditioned in front of Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne, getting four yesses from the judges and moving forward to the Bootcamp. He was then eliminated on the last stage before the Six Chair Challenge. Although his audition never aired, it is possible to see a handful of clips of Emmie during Dublin auditions and the Bootcamp episode. Since then, Guto was part of a band called Augusto with whom wrote some songs before he moved to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands in 2017. Guto defines himself as an artist who likes the difference and always aims for the original and yet exquisite side of the things. He believes in the power of self-expression as his motto and bring joy, tears and love as central themes for his songs.