The Wayward Howls

Live Act Rock and Roll Rock Soul Psychedelic Surf
The Wayward Howls - Rock and Roll Rock Soul Psychedelic Surf Live Act in Hamburg

The Wayward Howls Short Info

Take a ride on the space train through the psychedelic cosmos and back,
while dipping into the blues just enough to wet your appetite. With that
experience in hand, slap some greasy soul sauce on top, move it and
shake it around a bit, and what you have is The Wayward Howls.
Take one a day and call the doctor in the morning. The Wayward Howls
call Hamburg their home and draw influence from 60s and 70s era soul,
rock and roll, garage, and psychedelia with very subtle hints of some
modern day zest.

Past Gigs The Wayward Howls

  • 09 | 2016 Hallo Frau Nachbar Hallo Frau Nachbar
  • 08 | 2016 Pooca Bar The Wayward Howls & Swutscher
  • 06 | 2016 Pooca Bar Richtung London / Captain Disko / The Wayward Howls - live in der Pooca Bar


  • Video The Wayward Howls Nightmare...
  • Video wayward Howls live @pooca


  • Hamburg DE


  • 2015


  • Vincent G. Vocal
  • Niels R. Guitar
  • Timo V. Guitar
  • Ricky B. Drums