The Very First Teenager
DE Hamburg – Pop / Indietronica / Electro / Electronic / Indie
The Very First Teenager


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Karmakosmetix Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder YOU'VE HEARD YOU'VE SEEN YOU KNOW EP 2014
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Art does not work if it is calculated.

Escapism does not work if you force it.

The Very First Teenager have never calculated anything. Imagine you meet someone you don’t know at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and all you have to share is a can of beer in the middle of a night. But while you drink you decide to set up a band just because it feels right. If you do so you have understood what these absurd and wishful moments are meant to be for. For The Very First Teenager it was the beginning for what should follow and now leads to a temporary climax pressed on 180g vinyl: An EP called „You've Heard You've Seen You Know“.

Six songs are on that EP – it could be one or a hundred. Doesn’t matter. More important is that wonderful carefree melancholy, which is always around while listening to TVFT. A pleasant feeling that everything is somehow all right. A moderate desire to linger a little bit more right here right now. TVFT sound electronic, danceable and at the same time rough, minimalistic and therefore honest. TVFT just do what they believe is absolutely right. Who else has nowadays the balls to record songs at the rehearsal room and use only analogue synthesizer while there is software to let everything sound perfect? TVFT do and that is punk. Accordingly or maybe ironically the opening line of the EP is „The Very First Teenager Is A Punk Band“.

Punk is DIY as well. With that attitude TVFT left their home base Hamburg a couple years ago and went to Norway to play some shows. It was the beginning of the band’s friendship with a country. Up in Norway they seem to understand that art and escapism do work with TVFT. Hence the EP „You've Heard You've Seen You Know“ is released on Karmakosmetix – a respected little label from Norway.