The Refreshers

Live Act Indie Pop Rock Surf Indie
The Refreshers - Indie Pop Rock Surf Indie Live Act in Blackpool

The Refreshers Short Info

The Lonely Valentines are a Blackpool based four piece band who rely on infectious melodies and dreamy guitar tones to put across their sound. Their sound has that classic bubble gum pop feel to it spiced together with a modern indie twist. The Lonely Valentines are a band who certainly respect the bands who they admire but rely on creating their own signature sound to share with the world.


  • Sound The Lonely Valentine
  • Sound Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Sound All Over Again


  • Blackpool GB


  • 2016


  • Aaron Ward Guitar Player/Singer
  • Lewis Howareth Guitar Player
  • Ben Jenkins Bass Player
  • Tom Fielding Drummer