The Dream Diggers

Live Act Electronica Dub Trip-Hop Industrial
The Dream Diggers - Electronica Dub Trip-Hop Industrial Live Act in Bucharest

The Dream Diggers Short Info

The Dream Diggers is a musical project involving Mihnea Blidariu (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Răzvan Ristea (drums), LowFreq (Codin Oraseanu) - synths and live mixing and Inward String (Liviu Runcan) - sound fx and keys. The band's sound revolves around genres like electronica, industrial and dub, on the artistic edge of profound darkness and the first beam of light.

in 2015 The Dream Diggers released their debut album entitled “Fear is a lie”.


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24,102 Plays


  • Bucharest RO


  • 2014


  • Mihnea Blidariu Vocal
  • Razvan Ristea Drum Player
  • Inward String Synth
  • Low Freq Keyboard, Fx