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The Corridors
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Grace Media Music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder "Our Days Our Nights" Album 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder "The Motion of the Wheels" Album 2009
Bongo Boy Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder "End of the Times" Album 2017
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The Corridors, Gig Review.

The Cavern, Liverpool. International Pop Overthrow 2016.
Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

When a band comes from out of the late spring warmth, the haze of the sun stretching deep into the bones and the fabric of a city that unquestionably is the finest in the world for its musical appreciation and welcoming stance to outside acts, and is able to grab you by the shoulders and dares you, challenges you, to look away for the entire time they are on stage and does so with complete trust in your sense of perspective, then you know just what a great group you have stumbled upon.

The International Pop Overthrow organised and hosted by the irreplaceable David Bash has been going for 14 years and in that time the great and the fantastic have trodden upon The Cavern path to a glory filled adventure and so it will surely be seen that The Corridors will also find that same path; one that is littered with the promise of thought provoking song writing and a beat that keeps giving long after the night has slinked away like a back alley cat into the dark and frightened dawn.

The Corridors could arguably be one of the most important bands to ever come out of Tel Aviv, not only is the sound they create blistering and full of gratified meaning but they also put on a hell of an experience for those who find themselves suddenly in their midst, it is an experience that cannot be dismissed. For within the set there is no outlandish attributes, no sense of effects or possessive mischief, this is a group who place their faith in the equipment to the point of devotion and to whom they allow the crash of realisation in the mind of the listener to be their overture.

The set was full, demanding, strong and vibrant, each song delivered with passionate intent and fulsome praise, Rock at its finest, young Rock at its most personable and in songs such as Chain Reaction, the outstanding Autumn Leaves, the brutal charm that weaved its way through End of the Times and the heart stopping finale that came with Free Spirit, that vibrancy, that sense of achievement was flowing off The Cavern stage and finding its way with honour into the minds of those who saw and were held spellbound by the first night of The International Pop Overthrow 2016.

A great band which came out of the dark and shone a resounding light on the proceedings, The Corridors of power have never been so illuminating.

Ian D. Hall