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The Bottletop Millionaires - Folk Live Act in Liverpool

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The Bottletops were formerly based around the husband and wife duo of Rachel and Luke O'Hanlon. They released the 'Strange Cargo Cult of the Bottletop Millionaires' in 2011 and built up a live following based on their blistering mix of country, gospel and sea shanty with a live act that alternated between barnstormers and tear jerkers.

In the intervening years, the band have been working on the soon to be released 'All My Sad Captains!' and have been on hiatus following Rachel's departure from the band and the marriage.

The Bottletops return in 2015 with a new line-up, a new sound and unfinished business.


  • Sound Love Song To Plymouth Rock
  • Sound Oh! Mata Hari!
  • Sound This Engine
  • Sound Automatic Writing Dear John...

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