The Balkan Bandits

Live Act Mashup Klezmer Musical Cabaret Gypsy
The Balkan Bandits - Mashup Klezmer Musical Cabaret Gypsy Live Act in sheffield

The Balkan Bandits Short Info

Greetings dahlinks from the Balkan Bandits! We are Sheffield's klezmer cabaret troupe of troubadours. We guarantee a huge slice of (halloumi) cheese! Formed as the house band to Na Zdrove!, we perform, in our glamorous costumes and fantastical make up, our select brand of infectious Balkan versions of classics such as Too Good to be True, I Will Survive and the Wallace and Gromit theme tune as well as our own tunes about cosmonauts, the death of Lenin and ... Halloumi Cheese…We are here to kidnap your good muzical taste...Whoop sha sha sha!

Past Gigs The Balkan Bandits

  • 05 | 2015 Sheffield Fiesta Bombarda


  • Video The Balkan Bandits - 'Hallo...

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  • 2007


  • Carolinka Chanteuse
  • Gordon Pocket Double Bass
  • Winkie Accordion
  • Manny Fiddle

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