The Atavists

Live Act Surf Stoner Rock Garage Rock
The Atavists - Surf Stoner Rock Garage Rock Live Act in Hradec Kralove

The Atavists Short Info

The Atavists are new emerging quartet from Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. Band's musical style can be described as energetic mix of stoner rock, 60s surf music and blues. Their sound is characterised by wall of dirty guitars, almost horror-like wail of distorted combo organ and characteristic baritone of their frontman Adam Krofian.
Listen to band's debut album "Bad Times" on following YT link -


Adam Krofian - voc, guitar
Jan Hnátek - keys, synth
Martin Křížek jr. - bass
Adam Jánošík - drums


  • Sound She-Devil


  • Hradec Kralove CZ


  • 2014