The Assange

Live Act Post-Punk Hardcore Punk Math-Rock Punk Garage Rock
The Assange - Post-Punk Hardcore Punk Math-Rock Punk Garage Rock Live Act in Nijmegen

The Assange Short Info

Named after today’s biggest villain or hero, The Assange aims for the brain. Jamming to their favorite Refused and At the Drive-In tunes, these guys quickly evolved into an eclectic sound system, looking for the borders in hard music, finding out there really are none.

Constantly looking for something new in music and with different musical backgrounds, these fresh-looking fellas swim against the dirty mainstream since the first time they played together in 2013. Killing cliché’s is their hobby, denying the obvious their daily occupation.


  • Media Actress of the Year
  • Media Michelangelo
  • Media Today's Moron
  • Media Centre of the Hive


  • Nijmegen NL


  • 2013


  • Benny Phoelich Vocals
  • Jasper Konijnenbelt Guitar
  • Micha Derks Guitar, Backing vocals
  • Jasper Seeghers Bass
  • Erwin van Welie Drums, Backing vocals