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Terra-ist - Rap Dub Drum ’n’ Bass Live Act in leeds

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Hiphop fuelled verses, beefed by catchy grimy bass with groovy dubby licks. Finished with scatty breaks, heavy drums and rocked up gritty vocals.

Debut album 'Civilian Army' released Dec 2013 available on itunes, xbox music, amazon, facebook etc.

"The music is grimy and dirty, with addictive bass lines fusing trip-hop, dubstep and old school drum and bass. His lyrics are politically aggressive and fresh, heartfelt and a little bit scary. In another incarnation Terra-ist can also be seen fronting Leeds band The Creeks, but tonight his solo performance is powerful, tender, refreshingly honest and stripped down." -Yorkshire Evening Post 2013


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  • leeds GB


  • 2012


  • Ste Pye vocals, guitar
  • Shaneen Mooney bass
  • Al Fitton drums
  • Tony Brook keys
  • Paul Ferguson bass, guitar

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