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Surfer Joe Music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Surfer Joe: Senor Surf Album 2013
Green Cokkie Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Wadadli Riders: Made in Antigua Album 2009
Double Crown Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The North Swell Compilation 2012
Surfer Joe Music / Green Cookie Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Surfer Joe & Ralf Kilauea: Fenderoni Diavolo EP 2014
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Press Text
Lorenzo Surfer Joe is a very active character in today's surf music business.

Working as musician, booker and promoter, he has participated to almost any event of this genre. With an experience of 1000+ shows done in his career, he delivers the authentic sound of surf music made of reverb and twangy guitars.

The show is generally very dynamic, passing from mellow compositions and ballads to more aggressive tunes, covering any aspects of traditional and progressive surf music.

At present Lorenzo proposes 3 live show:

Senor Surf on tour
Featuring Surfer Joe on guitar backed up by various musicians or surf bands around the world. This showcases Lorenzo's music as is, focusing on the melodies and the simple arrangements, catching the soul of surf music.

The Boss Combo
A very powerful band inspired by Dick Dale and progressive surf featuring Surfer Joe on lead guitar, Luca Valdambrini (second guitar), Tommaso Bandecchi (bass) and Francesco "Togno" Tonarini (drums). The band existing since 2011 is really one of the top combinations available, very punchy sound, groovy arrangements and loud rhythm section.

Surf Guitar Solo
Surfer Joe unusually solo playing together with a virtual partner (a pre-recorded guitar) passing through some 60s classics to arrive to the original compositions. This project has also a cultural interest trying to explain the surf guitar technique and a bit of history behind the tunes.

The Antiguan Years
On December 2004 Lorenzo left Italy and moved to Antigua, in the Caribbean, where he stayed until February 2011. In those years he formed the WADADLI RIDERS considered the first and only surf band ever from that region.

The band was a trio line-up that Lorenzo started on drums changing to guitar 1 year later. Wadadli Riders were a traditional surf band, with a pretty classy style and several good original tunes next to a long list of classic covers. They produced an album in July 2009, titled Made In Antigua, which has gone around the world and released on CD and vinyl (Green Cookie Records).

Touring experience
Between guitar and drums playing, Surfer Joe is one of the busiest surf music players worldwide and his experience goes from small bars to very large music venues. Just in the past 2 years Surfer Joe has visited USA, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia & more.

Constantly working in Europe, Surfer Joe has done 4 tours in California, the surf music "mecca", participating 3 times to the Surf Guitar 101 Convention and 2 times to Tiki Oasis.

Lorenzo is into surf & beach music since 1994, playing with some local bands before forming The Pipelines in 1997 (together with his brother Luca), for several years almost the only Beach Boys band in Europe, a group that has done more than 1000 concerts during its existence! After giving life to a project called Speedsurfers, he then left Italy in 2004 and moved to the Caribbean for 7 years. There he formed the Wadadli Riders that has toured consistently during the following years until 2011, when he went back to Italy and formed the Boss Combo.