Sun Glitters
LU Luxembourg – Indietronica / Electronica / Synthiepop
Sun Glitters


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Traveling sideways in time, Sun Glitters' It Will Be Forever is a cinematic cruise that illustrates a retro-future landscape of wildlife.

Brimming with its own synthetic nature, the album's foundations of heavy bass, complemented and contradicted by electronica melodies, carve a panoramic view as he journeys between apprehensive, haunting tension and bright, revelatory scenery.

Sun Glitters (real name Victor Ferreira) spent his formative years as a teen in the 1980s, naturally gravitating to the luminous synth sounds characteristic of that time. Now, with a copy of the Drive OST under his arm and witnessing his own children's inquisitive nature about the world, Victor found himself drawing inspiration from within–opening the door to nostalgia and taking a trip down a memory lane paved by dreams drawn on an Atari ST.

​The result is It Will Be Forever, a love letter to a time of not so distant past–or perhaps so far in the future that it defies imagination–and a contemplative soundtrack that acknowledges the paths leading to this point, both personally and communally. Painting a vivid Tech Noir world layer-by-layer, It Will Be Forever reflects the cautious anticipation many of us feel today in the digital age: a sense of something bigger looming. Spanning 11 tracks, the album depicts a version of the seven stages of grief, with the conclusion being the most poignant as it closes with a wonder and zest for life that the author hopes to impart on us.