Live Act Metal Metalcore Hardcore post hardcore Death Metal
STRATOS - Metal Metalcore Hardcore post hardcore Death Metal Live Act in London

STRATOS Short Info

STRATOS is a 5 piece metal band based out of London, ON. Forged from seasoned musicians coming from local area bands they are seeking to establish a new and modern direction for extreme music. Forging a style from metal and core, they have created a unique sound appealing to classic metal traditionalists and modern core lovers alike.

Discography STRATOS

  • 2014 STRATOS Album | Independant


  • Sound Westside Stretch
  • Sound Attack On Titan
  • Sound False Doubt
  • Sound Ignore The Truth


  • London CA


  • 2014


  • Chris Rowan Lead Guitar/Backup vocals
  • Warren Elder Drums/Samples
  • Nathan Bisceglia Vocals
  • Don MacLeod Rhythm Guitar
  • Dylan Humphrey Bass