Strange Planes

Live Act Rock Noise Melodic Punk Rock
Strange Planes - Rock Noise Melodic Punk Rock Live Act in London

Strange Planes Short Info

Strange Planes are an alternative rock band from London, UK. Formed in 2013, band members Ellis Slater, Justin Clark and Simon Francis had been in and out of the music scene before finally deciding they were ‘really’ going to get their shit together and start showing the world what they are capable of. Their sound is unique, being both heavy and melodic; guitar driven riffs backed up by thundering dirty bass lines and solid pounding drums. It’s a raw but fully focused sound that completely stands alone in today’s current climate of rock and indie bands.


  • Sound Silverdale
  • Sound Burnt-out Lighthouse
  • Video Strange Planes - Failed Blo...
  • Video Strange Planes - The Sailor...


  • London GB


  • 2013


  • Ellis Slater Vocals & Guitar
  • Justin Clark Bass & Vocals
  • Simon Lawrence Drums

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