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Strandhugg - Metal Live Act in Stjørdal

Strandhugg Short Info

The icy cold and unforgiving mountains of Norway breeds hard men, and even harder music. From Norway comes Strandhugg, a band packed to the brim with berserkers, brawlers, brutes and brigands with all the amount of brains and brawn you could possible imagine. We are ready to deliver a storm of metal goodness as you listen to manhood in all its purity. Get ready for Neo-Vikings blasting Djent Metal straight to your euphoric pleasure center, and listen what happens when bands like Meshuggah, Lamb of God, and Periphery is mixed into a tight headbanging experience and blasted from the roof of the world!

Past Gigs Strandhugg

  • 02 | 2015 Trondheim 23:59, Strandhugg headliner gig.
  • 03 | 2014 Trondheim Trondheim Metal Fest
  • 12 | 2013 Manchester Winter is Coming, all-dayer gig.
  • 06 | 2013 Oslo Global Battle of the Bands

Discography Strandhugg

  • 2015 œðra Single | Unsigned
  • 2014 Norn Album | Unsigned


  • Video Strandhugg - œðra (OFFICIAL...
  • Video Strandhugg - Norn (FULL ALB...
  • Video Strandhugg - The Elusive Co...


  • Stjørdal NO


  • 2011


  • Jonas Moa Vocals
  • Ruben Krogstad Guitar
  • Andreas Viken Guitar
  • Eirik Berdahl Bass
  • Sigve Nordgaard Drummer

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