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Starseedz - Acoustic Pop Indiepop Acoustic Pop Melodic Folk Pop Live Act in Watford

Starseedz Short Info

Recently signed to END OF THE TRAIL RECORDS Starseedz are an indie/pop band who write powerful hooks and gorgeous songs. Their tunes are full of catchy melodies and harmonies that suck you in and gently blow you away in a beautiful bubble.
Their songs tell tales of love and life and friends and foes, always coming from the heart.
The Starseedz arrived on the planet a few years ago and have a limited time here on Earth before they jump back on their UFO and travel to a distant galaxy. So enjoy their tunes while you can. You can catch them at venues and festivals through out the year. Gig list is here

Past Gigs Starseedz

  • 05 | 2017 Brighton The Great Escape
  • 03 | 2017 St Albans The Mermaid

Discography Starseedz

  • 2017 Made that way Single | End of the trail records
  • 2016 Miss U Single | End of the trail records


  • Video Little Bird by Starseedz
  • Video STARSEEDZ - Miss U
  • Video Follow Me by Starseedz

Fan Radar

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  • Watford GB


  • 2014


  • Catrine O'Neill Vocals and guitar
  • Jonathan Willoughby Vocals and guitar
  • Adam Stanley Drums