' Soulful '
BE Antwerpen ( B ) – soul/jazz / Funk / Jazz / Cover / Swing
' Soulful '


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Maxanter records Holland
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A nice combination of Guitar , Voice and Percussion .

Just 2 musicians , but they sound like a whole band !! ( No loops or electronic devices are being used ) .
Playing in the style of the american Duo Tuck and Patti but than with their own Latin and Soul drive. Playing own songs and covers from ; Eric Clapton , Stevie Wonder, Boz Scaggs , Bob Marley , Earth,Wind and Fire , etc...
You have to hear this !!!

Please take a look at Eddie C . ( Vocal / Percussion ) website ; www.jazsolmusic.com

and Frank Peeters ( Guitar ) www.frankpeeters.com

" feels good " :)
Souful is a duo formed by Eddie C and Frank Peeters and have been performing together for the last 20 years as a top Jazzy , Pop, Soul, Latin sound coming from Frank's special guitar style and Eddie's vocals plus his cajon and bongos. Together they have the sound of a four piece band which gives them their unique sound.

Soulful has done festivals and private events and ideal for venues where you still want to have live music with the class and sophistication of a smaller band but won't be over powered like a lot of other combo bands do. For more info please contact us via this site.

USA born Eddie C is a strong bandleader and lead vocalist as he has proven over the years with his own bands on festivals through out Europe, be it with his band “Eddie C ” (ECSB ) or smaller combinations like “Soulful” and ”Primrose Path” or "Jazsol Green". Music with art are also a passion for Eddie as he is the co- producer with projects such as “Art Beats” a combination of music and live art.

Eddie is not only a percussionist, singer, songwriter and producer but also a music guru in various music workshops as described by his colleagues. These workshops can also be used for team building events which can be tailored to fit your needs or theme. JAZSOLMUSIC is a music concept that describes the kind of music Eddie makes. JAZSOL is a blend of Jazz, Soul and Latin with a slight touch of pop.

Dutch guitarist Frank Peeters is graduate from the Hilversum Music College in The Netherlands. He's a very diverse musician incorporating a wide range of styles and influences in his playing. Although a fabulous technician capable of playing basically in every setting with authority, Frank prefers spiritual interplay in a small group setting. Frank is at his best when the music gets the chance to breathe and interact, letting the music speak for itself instead of showing off his mighty chops. He has worked in several musical settings over a career spanning over some 20 odd years.Even before graduating in ’89, Frank performed at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival on several occasions and played the Jazz Mecca Festival. While growing up Frank was fascinated by the duo recordings Ella Fitzgerald made with guitar wizz Joe Pass.

More recently, he has found inspiration in the likes of Tuck Andress and Patti Cathart, better known as Tuck & Patti. It is this combination that has stolen Frank’s heart and the combination that forms the soil on which his recent collaborations thrive.Together Eddie and Frank sound like a small band instead of duo performing Jazzy Soul and Blues with a light Latin touch at times and the style of the guitar playing of Frank plus cajon , bongos and Eddie's voice, Soulful will touch your soul.
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