Sophy West

Live Act Singer/Songwriter Pop Melodic
Sophy West - Singer/Songwriter Pop Melodic Live Act in Münster

Sophy West Short Info

Ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Sophy, and I am writing english and german songs about relations, nature, my village, god and the world and so on...

I started to play drums when I was 6 years old. That's why I love some rythm and beat influences!! I played the drums in a Ska band for 4 years and in a big band for 2 years. Then I taught myself playin the guitar as a teenager.

Now I am living in Münster for studies. Some boys and me founded a band because I needed support for my songs. Hope, you like my music!

Past Gigs Sophy West

  • 06 | 2015 BerMUHdadreieck Münster green monday
  • 06 | 2015 Werne, Gym. St. Christophorus Schulfest
  • 05 | 2015 Café Milagro Münster TextAppeal


  • Sound Think Less
  • Sound Inside
  • Sound Rückwärts


  • Münster DE


  • 2015


  • Magnus Wessels Drums
  • Robert Westhues Trompete