Solid Gone

Live Act Blues Alternative Folk Rock Skiffle
Solid Gone - Blues Alternative Folk Rock Skiffle Live Act in Gloucester

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Alternative Rootsy Rock vibes drawing on early Blues and Folk influences with a pinch of jazz, funk and punk thrown in for good measure! Features soulful vocals, hypnotic slide guitar, twisted violin, thumping double bass and an irresistible beat!

Discography Solid Gone

  • 2015 Mr Loverman EP | Unsigned


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  • Sound In My Time Of Dying (Luke P...
  • Sound The Stolen Generation(Yours)
  • Sound Hardtimes
  • Sound No More (Luke Philbrick)
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787 Fans
1,402 Plays


  • Gloucester GB


  • 2013


  • Luke Philbrick Voice/Guitar
  • Rose Chacko Violin
  • Glen Miles Double Bass
  • Jake Philbrick Drums
  • Anthony Grant Saxophone

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