Sima Kim

Live Act Electronic Hip Hop
Sima Kim - Electronic Hip Hop Live Act in den haag

Sima Kim Short Info

Sima Kim is a south korean electronic musician based in den haag.
He is known as his own unique style from his diversity of backgrounds through sound art to dance culture while being influenced by subculture.
His Works are featured on pitchfork, fact magazine, wire magazine and others.

Past Gigs Sima Kim

  • 01 | 2016 Den Haag Fluister
  • 05 | 2015 Den Haag Rewire Festival 2015
  • 04 | 2014 Busan Festival Bo:m
  • 04 | 2014 Osaka I × M by IdleMoments Vol.6
  • 11 | 2013 Busan Shigeto South Korea Tour


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