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Side Chick - Glam Rock Punk Rock Garage Rock Live Act in Barcelona

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Side Chick is a high voltage garage glam trio that met through unusual circumstances — a hook-up app. As their name suggests, Side Chick, is the side project of Maïa Vidal (American indie pop artist who has made a name for herself across Europe), Eduardo Benatar (Venezuelan drummer for the Latin Grammy-nominated band Luz Verde), and Scarlett (young Barcelonian cosmic rock songstress). What started in early 2017 as a lark between Tinder matches, quickly blossomed into a full-fledged passion project, as the 3 musicians returned to their punk roots to create their first EP, produced by Alberto Pérez at Sol de Sants Studios.

Discography Side Chick

  • 2018 My love for you Single | Foehn Records


  • Video Side Chick- My love for you...

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  • Barcelona ES


  • 2017


  • Maia Tara Vidal singer & bass player
  • Georgina López García guitar plaer
  • Eduardo Benatar Sánchez drums player