Seep Away

Live Act Punk
Seep Away - Punk Live Act in York/Manchester

Seep Away Short Info

Seep Away's sound is raw and punkish and their live shows are energetic and immersive. There's a little melody, a lot of anger and a tonne of noise.

The band says: "These songs come from the darkest places in our minds. Hopefully some people dig it, but we understand if they don't because's all pretty damn abrasive, really."

SEEP AWAY is: Jay Sillence (lead vocals), Max Watt (guitar, vocals), Dani Barge (bass) and Dom Smith (drums)

Discography Seep Away

  • 2015 Seep Away EP | independent
  • 2015 Trudge Single | independent


  • Video SEEP AWAY - Trudge (Officia...


  • York/Manchester GB


  • 2015


  • Jay Sillence lead vocals
  • Max Watt guitar, vocals
  • Dani Barge bass player
  • Dom Smith drums