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7hard, a division of 7us media group GmbH
Ab67616d0000b27349161047d497b8672e8c2793 Observation Single 2016
Sector/Blood Rite Records
Ab67616d0000b2739cfcc0fbfe65d8fd021e6e03 Digital Voodoo Album 2018
Metalhornz Events
Mario Dönert
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Press Text
Grooving bad ass industrial metal with a dose of electro: Welcome to SECTOR.

Inspired by Ministry, KMFDM and Die Krupps, the german band mixes maniac metal riffs with gun shots, sirenes, machines and hypnotic synths. Delicate electronic sequences meet merciless violent guitar walls. Angry vocals drill into the wounds of society and create a vision of a more and more menacing future.

“In summary - you suck!” - In 2012 guitarist and songwriter Jannik united a bunch of musicians channeling their frustration and anger into music. The sound was a blast, but that fitting, relentless voice was missing. Finally, they found Nils who joined in April 2013. A year later, they played first shows and made it into North Germany finals of the Emergenza band competition.

In 2015 SECTOR released the Observation EP during the same-named tour and made fuzz in social media and music magazines. In autumn SECTOR joined Sub Dub Micromachine for a W:0:A warm up party on the MS Stubnitz.

In summer 2016 SECTOR rocked several festivals including Wacken Open Air presenting new songs and a new show, followed by releasing their new live video “Voices” which had been recorded at the W:O:A Wasteland Stage.

After more touring, the band began work on their album DIGITAL VOODOO which was finally released in April 2018.
SECTOR is producing new songs. In 2022 they will release some new tracks and videos.
The show is completely new, the stage sound and the lights are on professional standard.
Entertainment at its best.