AT Zell am See – Heavy Metal / Metal / Death Metal / Gothic / Industrial


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Twilight Zone Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder SCHMERZ EP 2007
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Sacrilegious Symphonies Album 2014
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Press Text
Born in the year 2013, (2007 it was a Gothic Metal Band) as a Black Metal Project, the project turned very fast into a full Band with well-known Austrian scene Musicians from Bands like Shadows Grey, Edenbridge/Thirdmoon, Groteskh/Hellsaw, Serious Black and Demolition.

Mastermind Martin “Maze” Moser had the idea of a Black Metal Band without confinement within genre limits. So the band was born out of hell´s most obscure blackness presetting without retrench itself. AND all comrades- in – arms ensueded. Those comrades – in – arms are:
Dr. Maze Pain (Shadows Grey), Malthus Unholytoxicomaniac (Hellsaw, Groteskh), Mike Hell ( Disastrous Murmur, Tongueless Cuntkiller, Sakrileg) and Feanor Omega (Svartsorg, Sakrileg, Nebenfront).
Denomination is program. It is time. A name, a band, to conjure with! Martin “Dr. Maze Pain” Moser has a SCARGOD Tattoo and now the Band and the Music will be tattooed in everybody´s mind, ears and necks! The influence of all musicians is radical and tangible. Because of that, the 2014 pummeled, sensational and thrilling CD, is an Album you never heard before!

AWARDS: (Austria)
- Best Band of the year 2014 (national) at
- Best Song of the year 2014 (international) 2nd Place at
- Best Album of the year 2014 (international) 2nd Place at
- Nominated for Best Band of the year 2014 at

AWARDS: (Germany)
- 6 Weeks in a row at the Top of the charts at
- 1st Place (Nr.1) and Winner of the 2014 ANNUAL RADIO SINGLE CHARTS with our Single „The hymns of my disgrace“ at

- 10/10 Points – Nuno Duarte (Russian Video Magazin)
- 5/5 Points – (Austrian Metal Magazin)
- 9/10 Points – (Austrian Music Magazin)
- 4/5 Points – (Austrian Metal Magazin)
- 10/10 Points and Place Nr.2 at Soundcheck! – Hijos del Metal Magazin (Spain)
- 4,5/7 Points – (Austrian Metal Magazin)
- 70/100 Points – (Greek Metal Magazine)
- 4/5 Points – (Austrian Metal Magazin)
- 9/10 Points – (German Metal Magazin)

„Kein Tellerrand oder gar Schubladendenken ist hier angesagt. Man muss sich richtig in das Album reinhören, denn es beinhaltet ein Potential das richtig gehend süchtig macht. Zwischen Progg, Black, Death und Industrial, wie auch Gothic Partitionen ist hier einiges unter einen Nenner gebracht worden. Dies so zu veranschlagen ist einfach entweder geisteskrank oder grenz-genial. Persönlich tendiere ich wirklich zu letzterem. Hut ab vor solch einer zusammengefügten Farbenvielfalt.“ – 5/5 Punkten - Robert –