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Saults & Co
1e58c403f12d67e707243270d84001dd1ab2585e Getting Over Single 2019
4ffb8e35aa36b567d3bf076b2ca28d21310f88f9 Leave Me Then Single 2019
B85af38dbefcebf9b828dd54381cc7d3578dd763 On Our Way Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b2737dda94c76f26f235dd150531 Kelly Ride Single 2018
Ab67616d0000b27306ec6d0ba917e574348ad4d3 Saults Single 2016
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In an interview with Music Week, Pete Townshend talked about new talents he often finds on social media and mentioned Saults: “Saults are in a league with The 1975.

I found them on Instagram. [They are] authentic and strong”

At the early age of 6, Antoine Saults picked up his first guitar, and shortly after his younger brother, Greg Saults, decided he would be a drummer. For ten years they practiced together dreaming of being in a band ‘like The Beatles’. In 2014 their dream came true.

When Antoine heard Axel Castets playing bass guitar at a gig in Bordeaux he accosted him as he left the stage and immediately asked him to join his band. Saults was born. The chemistry between the three friends was obvious to all and when Antoine injected his original compositions, a unique and brilliant blend of funk, pop and rock was uncovered.

Throughout 2015 & 2016 they performed constantly across France and Europe, honing their sound and growing their fan-base with their energetic and exciting shows. The release of their 2016 EP and video ‘I Wanna Jam’ was met with a response which took everyone involved by surprise, not least the three young men : an EP sold in thousands and a show in their hometown in front of 10,000 people!

In April 2017, the band decided to follow in their heroes footsteps and relocate to London, convinced that the city was the next stage on their incredible journey to conquer the music world. Playing local stages wherever they could it wasn’t long before they were being noticed and gaining more and more plaudits. Inspired by this new way of life and with no time to lose, the band recorded ‘Kelly Ride’, at Abbey Road Studios. The song was aired on the BBC, London Live Tv when the band were interviewed. Following this release, Saults was on the road with the "Kelly Ride Tour" and hit some prestigious stages like Minehead Festival, Love Supreme Festival.

2019 has been a prolific year for Saults so far. The band has released three singles, all of them produced by Matt Gooderham: On Our Way, Getting Over and Leave Me Then – this last one revealing a more “pop” aspect in Saults. After spending the summer recording its upcoming EP, the band was on tour in September, playing pretty much everywhere in London and in France.

In less than two years in London, Saults have made a name for themselves and are the band to see perform live around the capital... following in the footsteps again of their idols.