Sascha Rothe

DJ Techno Acid Dark Techno Electro-Experimental Deep Techno
Sascha Rothe - Techno Acid Dark Techno Electro-Experimental Deep Techno DJ in Stuttgart

Sascha Rothe Short Info

Sascha Rothe - straight forward techno.

At the age of 14, Sascha Rothe started to discover the furthest corner of electronic music, since then he´s addicted to the punching basslines and tickling high-hat loops of techno. With his own productions and his floating live sets he takes the people through a journey of interesting and strange sounds with an continuous rhythm.

Past Gigs Sascha Rothe

  • 11 | 2015 Epplehaus Tübingen TRAUMWELT with Jonas Saalbach, Sascha Rothe...
  • 10 | 2013 Zelle Reutlingen RAUMZEIT with BLACK ASTEROID

Discography Sascha Rothe

  • 2014 Melissa EP EP | Futura Records
  • 2013 Babylon EP EP | Feierkind Records


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  • Sound PROMOSET 01.16
  • Sound Singularity [192kbps]
  • Sound Copypastemurderer (Original...

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