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Welcome to SAS&CO promotions. We are passionate about good music and good nights and want to share our passion with the world! (Well North London for a start!)

Our night is called FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, gigs are free entry and the punters pay what they think it's worth to watch your band play by throwing their coins into a hat at the front of the stage so all of the bands make some money too.

We don't ask that you bring a certain number of people with you but we do ask that you also help to promote the night and invite people to the Facebook group that we set up for our nights.

The more people that are there the more money you will make!

Past Gigs

  • 10 | 2016 The Gunners , London Event


Venue and Stages

  • The Gunners Pub 150 Audience
  • The Stillery 200 Audience