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Born in Genoa, Sabrina shows, from the age of 7 years, an obvious talent for writing.

During the first years of high school, through his friendship with a same aged musician, she began writing song lyrics, at first for others, and suddenly, when she started playng guitar, continue composing lyrics and music for herself. In 1995, with some friends, she founded the band Aut-Aut in which she plays the role of composer and singer songwriter. In that same year, with the Aut-Aut she self-produced EP “Aria di Vetro” (Glass Air). Between 1998 and 2000 she composed, recorded and self-produced the album “Anacronismi” (Anachronisms). Her 'musical activity with the Aut-Aut, both in the studio and live, continues with some changes of musicians up to the whole university. Sabrina in 2003 is graduated with honors in philosophy from the University of Genoa. Since 1999, she alongside her musical activities at the theater by joining, until 2006, the Theatre Company Personae, from Genoa. In 2003 The Aut-Aut melt and Sabrina continues to compose alone without performing live, until the return to the music scene in August 2007 as a finalist for the national competition for songwriters; A SEA OF WOMEN. In May 2008 she was a semi-finalist in the national competition JUST LIKE A WOMAN. PRIZE JANIS JOPLIN. Since then it has followed an intense live activities including concerts of original songs and the show tribute to Patti Smith, "Night at the Chelsea Hotel." In April 2013, with Toast Records from Turin,she released the single "E' Primavera" song selected also by MEI for the compilation Best of Festival 2013. In June 2014 Orange Home Records comes out with hers album, "La Parte Migliore” (The Best Part) with the artistic production of Giulio Gaietto.

Sabrina is a finalist with “La Parte Migliore for the award of the prestigious Targa Tenco 2014 for Best Work of Debut section.

In December 2014 Sabrina Napoleon was on tour in the most important Italian venues together with Lene Lovich, cult artist of international new wave scene.

Author defined by critics as "iconoclastic", "powerful" and "something totally different", Sabrina, combines creative moment in the song writing, understood in the highest sense of the term, with electro-acoustic experiments of rock matrix.

Besides artistic activity performed in person, Sabrina has often engaged in organization of artistic and cultural events. From 1999 she occupied with director Gianluca Valentini organization and promotion of the shows of the theater company Personae. From 2004 to 2009 she opens two bookshops so that also she takes care of the organization of book presentations, shows and concerts. During the theater season 2009 -2010 organized and promoted with the support of the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa the festival of female songwriters "What Women Say". In 2011 she founded together with colleagues and fellow musicians and songwriters, Lilith Cultural Association which is carrying out various cultural / musical projects, including Lilith Festival, which has become the flagship event of the Genoese season, with the aim of highlighting the new national scene of songwriters especially with regard to women's proposals.

upcoming on 5th December 2017 the new album Modir Min which will be released by Orange Home Records, with the artistic production of Giulio Gaietto and Raffaele Abbate.