Live Act Electro Rock Alternative Noisepop Synth-Rock Post-Punk
RYT - Electro Rock Alternative Noisepop Synth-Rock Post-Punk Live Act in Szczecin

RYT Short Info

RYT is a manic-depressive study in the enormity of sound

led by Robert K ( who´s the only constant member), Berlin/Szczecin based Alternative/ Electronic Rock outfit RYT combines walls of guitars, beats and synths with bittersweet, borderline cheesy songwriting.
RYT is about :
falling in and out of love
fuzz pedal noise
trying LSD for the first time
driving thru the night with your crush on the passenger´s seat
black leather jackets
mania and melancholia

this thing is just getting started

Past Gigs RYT

  • 09 | 2016 Osterbruch Schweinskopf Festival
  • 07 | 2016 Räuberwald Frq Recs Roundup
  • 06 | 2016 Szcecin 13 Muz
  • 03 | 2016 Hamburg Wilhelmsburg-Sessions/First gig

Discography RYT

  • 2017 bipolar love Album | self-released


  • Video RYT - turn on ( tune in dro...
  • Video RYT - fallen
  • Video RYT - where you are going (...

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