Rumour Cubes

Live Act Alternative Postrock
Rumour Cubes - Alternative Postrock Live Act in London

Rumour Cubes Short Info

Rumour Cubes are a six-piece instrumental band that fuse violin & viola, guitars, electronics and visual media into extraordinary cinematic soundscapes.

Working with poets and film-makers and writing custom music software to sync videos to their live performances, the band construct a multimedia experience where dense ambient textures and intricate rhythms underlie beautiful melodies highlighted by violin and viola.

Discography Rumour Cubes

  • 2014 Appearance Of Collections Album |
  • 2012 The Narrow State Album |
  • 2012 1871/Letters To Palestine Single |
  • 2010 We Have Sound Houses Also EP |


  • Sound Hiyat
  • Sound Seven Year Glitch
  • Sound A Homecoming

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  • London GB


  • 2009


  • Joe Bartlett Bass
  • Jay Malhotra Guitar, Piano
  • Hannah Morgan Violin, Vocals
  • Terry Murphy Viola, Keys
  • Omar Rahwangi Drums
  • Adam Stark Guitar, PIano, Electronics, Vocals