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Royalty Rulez  - Rap Rap Urban Live Act in London

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I survived Cancer ... Twice. I sometimes wonder IF MONEY WAS LESS WOULD MY LIFE BE MORE? A true advocate for Education and I believe FREEDOM is a lifestyle. I bring life to the Stage and managed the play the Royal Albert Hall out of pure luck.

Thank you.

Discography Royalty Rulez

  • 2014 Entrée & Canapé EP | Prince Aidoo Music (PAM)
  • 2014 Hors D'oeuvres EP | Royalty Rulez Music (PAM)
  • 2013 Rap Attack Single | Prince Aidoo Music (PAM)


  • Video Tic Tac Riff Raff Sped Up -...
  • Sound Boom Beat Badda Bang Rap - ...


  • London GB

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