Ricky Hunter - The King Of Swing - Vocalist and Trumpeter
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Ricky Hunter - The King Of Swing - Vocalist and Trumpeter


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Ricky Hunter is a natural born entertainer most at home on stage performing music as a singer and trumpeter.

He is in his 20th year as a trumpeter and has had the privilege of working nationally and internationally for a wide variety of events and professional engagements. He has been performing for a number of years in a wide variety of different groups from big bands and brass bands to full orchestras and also as a soloist, appearing in some of the leading venues throughout the UK. As a musician he has played in a selection of major West End musicals including Phantom of the Opera and The Rat Pack, Live at Vegas.

Ricky is at ease with audiences of all ages and regularly perform during the daytime at various nursing homes and day centres across Wales performing, as a vocalist, a wide selection of music from the 30s through to the present day.

He is able to perform both as a vocalist and / or trumpeter at a wide variety of venues and events including 1940s re-enactments, weddings, restaurants, corporate functions and private parties.

Ricky is also able to read music and play "by ear" and has experience of conducting big bands and brass bands.

As a grade 8 trumpet player, he also has strong sight reading skills and is adept at interpreting any pieces of music.

You can find more information on his website at http://www.rickyhunter.co.uk