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REVOLT X - Metal Nu Metal Electro Rock Rock Industrial Live Act in Belgrade

REVOLT X Short Info

Band was formed in 2014. In early 2014 Revolt X released first EP 'Protest' and first single and video for 'Red i Mir'. Revolt X played on many festivals in Serbia on summer of 2014 and 2015. Gitarijada Zajecar, Reload Streets Fest Vranje, Tower Fest Vrsac, Nisomnia Fest Nis, Urban Fest Osijek Croatia 2015 and other gigs in Serbia and region. Band finished recording first album and it'll be released in summer of 2015. Revolt X is currenty promoting newest single and video for 'Crvena' and recording 5'th single and video for the song 'Revolt'.


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  • Belgrade RS


  • 2014


  • Milos Djordjevic - George vocals / effects
  • Alex guitar / synth
  • Vuk Kazimirovic guitar player
  • Dusan Perunovic bass player
  • Mateja Vidakovic drumms